We are proud to have received our certification for CERTIFIED NATURALLY GROWN. We work hard to maintain rich healthy soils.

Our soil is always our first consideration on our farm.

dark soil.jpg

We haven't counted yet, but we have grown a few million worms.  We use the castings to make our compost tea for watering our plants. We add our worms into the soil.

worm casting project.jpg
early garden.jpg

Our mineral amendments or rock dusts provide our plants and soil with full spectrum mineral nutrition creating food as rich and healthy as it was intended to be by nature.

Pure cherry-wood sawdust clean enough to eat on. JONATHAN'S SPOONS brings to our soil a clean sawdust from the Pennsylvania Allegheny Forests. When the SPOON SHOP closes its doors at the end of the day, Jonathan offers our farm; rich, beautiful sawdust to add to our soils. Jonathan's woodspoon designs are known for their smoothly sanded spoon handles. His spoons are sanded so completely smooth, you never want to be without one ~ and Firelight Farms gets this pure left-over wood dust.